Where to Eat in Savannah, GA: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch & Dinner

Mrs Wilkes Dining Room Table Set Up in Savannah

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Wondering where where to eat in Savannah, GA?

We reveal the best restaurants in Savannah for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

We have identified the neighborhood beside each restaurant so you can plan your meal easily.

This guide also includes features cafes and restaurants by location so if you’re short of time, you know where to eat on River Street and at Savannah’s Historic District.

Do you agree with our choice for the best places to eat Savannah, Georgia Tell us in the comments if we’ve missed your favorite!

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Where to Eat in Savannah, Georgia by Time of Day

Best Breakfast in Savannah, GA 

Clary’s Cafe

Neighborhood: Historic District-South

A Savannah breakfast staple, instead of pictures of celebrities and dignitaries adorning the walls, at Clary’s Cafe you have regular long time customers and their families, along with the waitstaff. 

They are especially keen on honoring military veterans. 

Some of their all-time favorites include their eggs benedict collection: Salmon cakes, corn beef hash, and florentine. 

Watch the calories on the Stuffed French Toast, since it comes with whipped cream on top, or the Elvis Stuffed French Toast, with you guessed it- peanut butter and banana in the middle!

Editor note: We tried to take a picture indoors but it was pretty hectic, we enjoyed dining outside instead. Arrive early and be prepared to wait in line.

Clary's Restaurant and Sign in Savannah

Debi’s Restaurant

Neighborhood: Historic District-North

Now in its new location on Bay Street from its long time State Street home, Debi’s is the diner from the movie classic “Forrest Gump” where Jenny worked. 

Debi’s is still providing its same offerings that made it one of Savannah’s best kept secrets. 

Try the prime rib with two eggs and hash browns or (keeping with the seafood theme) the lobster omelet with cheese grits.  

Deb's Restaurant Sing Orange Wall in Savannah Georgia

Best Brunch in Savannah, GA 

Narobia’s Grits & Gravy

Neighborhood: Thomas Square

Located off the beaten path on the southside of Savannah, Narobia’s no-frills place just got a makeover with a blue and white facade and an upstairs patio.

Their breakfast plates have different offerings like lamb and crab. 

You can also get your omelets with toppings on them, such as extra meat, extra fish, or extra gravy.

Double Wide Diner (Treylor Park)

Neighborhood: Historic District-North

How can you start off a late morning after a late night? 

More cocktails? 

Fulfilling heaped portions of food?

Double Wide Diner has got it!

Situated next to a Starbucks- indulge on one of their many chilli dogs or their chicken and waffle tacos, topped with blueberries. 

Best Lunch in Savannah, GA 

Driftaway Cafe

Neighborhood: Isle of Hope/Sandfly

For lunch, we’re taking you down to the far southeast side near the Wormsloe Historic Site to Driftwood Cafe

Home to authentic gourmet seafood (seafood being a running theme here) in a casual setting. 

Seafood is a part of almost every menu option; from their zesty calamari or tender tuna bites as an appetizer, to their fish and chips or spicy firecracker shrimp platter. 

One of the best casual restaurants in Savannah.

The Wyld

Neighborhood: Glynwood

Explore east Savannah, between the Historic District and Tybee Island for lots of marshland that feeds into several rivers. 

The Wyld– situated along Country Club Creek is a great dock bar, almost completely outside.

Enjoy (yes, MORE SEAFOOD) fish tacos, shrimp rolls, and scallop corn fritters among the standard pub fare.

Wyld is one of the best restaurants in Savannah with outdoor seating.

Best Dinner in Savannah, GA 

Lady and Sons

Neighborhood: Historic District-North

Bring your stretchy pants to this Savannah staple started by legendary chef Paula Deen. 

Meals are served family-style, so bring a group or family along to share. 

Their world-renowned fried chicken is so crunchy and full of flavor, Deen family recipes of fried green tomatoes, gumbo, and pork chop are favorites too.

Don’t forget to leave room for dessert with the ooey gooey butter cake!

Visit Lady and Sons for some of the best southern food in Savannah served in a welcoming environment.

Lady and Song Restaurant Sign Savannah

The Grey

Neighborhood: Yamacraw Village

Located west of Savannah’s Historic District; The Grey’s 1938 art deco building used to house the greyhound bus depot.

The irony is this once-segregated terminal is now owned and run by a black chef- James Beard award winner Mashama Bailey. 

Elevated regional fare is their niche, divided into four categories. 

Dirt (food grown from the ground), Water (seafood), Pasture (animals from the farm), Pantry (ingredients from the kitchen).

Menus change regularly, with some dishes served in the tapas style. 

Best Places to Eat in Savannah by Location

Best Restaurants on River Street 

Vic’s on the River

Romantic ambiance inside a 19th-century warehouse. 

The restaurant is upstairs, while a coffee bar is downstairs. 

This fine dining option features classic southern cooking that includes a southern bbq meatloaf. 

Great views of the Talmadge Bridge and access to the Savannah Belle Ferry. 

You’ll also find a long wine, craft beer, and cocktail list.

Savannah’s own beer- Service Brewing (a Bohemian-style pilsner) is on this list. 

One of the top places to eat in Savannah for couples and date night.

Two Cracked Eggs

Two Cracked Eggs is an extremely popular breakfast spot that had to open two locations on River Street. 

The 301 address is bigger to accommodate more customers who come in for the big fluffy biscuits, Cuban coffee, and thick Belgian waffles.

Another staple is their clothesline bacon- hickory pineapple smoked thick cut butcher shop served on a small wooden clothesline with pins. 

Add mango salsa for that little extra kick!

River Street Sweets

Although not a restaurant at all. 

River Street Sweets is a River Street institution with ALL THINGS sweets. 

The ubiquitous phrase “Kid in a Candy Store” will apply to your senses here. 

Getting their world-famous pralines is a must. 

However, you’ll also be enticed by the salt water taffy, bear claws, pecans, caramel candy apples, brittle candies, and bundt cakes. 

You’ll find some of the best accommodation around the Historic District too.

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River Street Sweets in Savannah

Best Restaurants in Savannah Historic District

Quick reference note: Downtown and the Historic District Savannah are essentially the same place defined by Broad St, Bay St, MLK Dr, and Forsyth Park.

Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room

Mrs Wilkes is a Savannah institution that started as a boarding house and continued as a boutique hotel.

People start lining up as early as 7 a.m. for the restaurant’s 11 a.m. opening until its 2 p.m. closing. 

A definitive amount of food is prepared and once it’s gone for the day- it’s gone. 

It’s all family-style seating and serving.

Literally, communal tables of ten that’s like eating at Thanksgiving- but with total strangers. 

You’re charged a flat rate of $30 per person and platters of fried chicken, cornbread dressing, sweet potato souffle, black-eyed peas, okra gumbo, corn muffins, and biscuits.

Other parts of the menu change daily so the regulars can have something different. 

Add Mrs. Wilkes to your notes for where to eat Savannah Historic District and plan for lines.

Mrs Wilkes Dining Room Table Set Up in Savannah

Leopold’s Ice Cream

Leopold’s is unchanged since 1919. 

Another Savannah institution that is still family owned and operated by Hollywood producer Stratton Leopold. 

Favorites include the Lemon Custard, Chocolate Chewies and Cream (vanilla, cookie dough & Georgia pecans), Rum Bisque (rum ice cream with in-house baked almond macaroons), and Tutti Frutti (rum ice cream with candied fruit and Georgia pecans). 

Lines will stretch out the door on summer afternoons, but the wait is well worth it.

Leopolds Ice Cream Cup Sign at Night in Savannah

The Olde Pink House

Where else can you dine in an old 1771 colonial mansion with live music in a tavern based in the cellar? 

The Olde Pink House is located in the Habersham family home- a wealthy planter who was instrumental in the Revolutionary War. 

It also housed Georgia’s first bank. 

Today, the 30-year-old restaurant has fine southern dining that also infuses seafood and Italian fare. 

Try the “Southern Sushi” for starters (smoked shrimp and grits rolled in coconut-crusted nori), then for entree get the pecan-crusted chicken breast, with collard greens and sweet potatoes drizzled in pecan vanilla butter (see a recurring theme?).

Another great Savannah restaurant for outdoor seating, couples, and group dining.

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Olde Pink House Framed by Trees in Savannah Georgia

Final Words

Our food guide answers the question, where do locals eat in Savannah so you can dine at the best cafes and restaurants too!

Did we miss out on your favorite Savannah restaurant? Tell us in the comments!

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