27 of the Best Things to Do in Wildwood, New Jersey

Aerial city view from the seaside in Wildwood New Jersey

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Looking for a unique Jersey Shore summer getaway?

Head to the Wildwoods, where you can explore the colorful Doo Wop architecture, splash and play at the beach or waterparks, and enjoy all those iconic boardwalk moments that make summertime so great.

There are tons of fun things to do in Wildwood, New Jersey, so it’s not just about sunbathing on the sand all day!

Although, of course, you’ll want to spend time at the beach, too.

Beyond Wildwood Beach, check out our recommendations for places to eat, learn, play, and bask in all the joys of summertime at the Shore.

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Fun Things to Do in Wildwood, NJ

Our guide starts in the heart of Wildwood at Morey’s Piers before moving away from the beach and then heading to Wildwood Crest and finishing in North Wildwood.

After all, it’s not just Wildwood that has fun activities and attractions!

Explore all three Wildwoods to get the most out of your visit.

Morey’s Piers

Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Parks (3501 Boardwalk) is a must-do in Wildwood, with all of the classic theme park rides like a colossal Ferris wheel, a go-kart race track, and large roller coasters.

The clear visual landmark of Wildwood, this massive amusement park is home to every kind of thrill and entertainment you could want.

There are also two water parks that form part of Morey’s Piers: a tropical-themed park called Ocean Oasis and an adventure park called Raging Waters filled with intense water slides.

Morey’s Piers is where to go for the best Wildwood boardwalk activities that you simply can’t miss!

The amusement park area of Morey's Piers in Wildwood New Jersey

Splash Zone

Immediately next to Morey’s Piers, Splash Zone (3500 Boardwalk) is a water park that generally caters more to young kids but still has several thrill rides.

The highlight of Splash Zone for adults is FlowRider, a 40-foot continuous wave that offers surfers a place to try out their moves.

It’s a great spot for beginners, too!

This is generally more kid-centric, so bring your toddler or young child for a day of fun at the infant-toddler fountain park, the lazy river, or the water playground called the Hydro Zone.

Mariner’s Arcade

Mariner’s Arcade (3501 Boardwalk) is the old-school arcade that every beach town needs.

With a large, colorful neon sign jutting out into the downtown boardwalk, Mariner’s is a classic Wildwood boardwalk attraction that welcomes visitors of all ages throughout the night.

Make sure you have enough change with you because you will spend the whole night playing skee ball, digital poker, and modern video games.

Wildwood Beach New Jersey

Douglass Fudge

If your sweet tooth is calling you, Douglass Fudge (3300 Boardwalk) has everything you may need.

The name may imply fudge is their primary offering, but they have a delicious selection of saltwater taffy, candies, chocolates, and baked goods.

Come for whatever you’re craving, but be prepared to bring a pound of everything else back home with you.

Wildwood Dog Beach

Any dog owner will agree that it can be difficult to find beaches along the Jersey Shore where they can bring their dog along to enjoy running through the sand and chasing balls into the ocean.

The Wildwood Dog Park & Beach (3000 Boardwalk) is a dedicated portion of the Wildwood beach from Glenwood Avenue to Maple Avenue where dogs and their owners are encouraged to play on the sand and swim in the water.

There is also a fenced-in dog park where dogs can go unleashed and play with new friends, in either the small-dog or big-dog designated areas.

Sam’s Pizza Palace

This New York City-style pizza shop is one of the most popular dining destinations in all of Wildwood.

Sam’s Pizza Palace (2600 Boardwalk) regularly has a line down the street waiting patiently for a slice of their hand-tossed thin-crust pizza or mouth-watering cheesesteaks.

Aerial city view from the seaside in Wildwood New Jersey

Boardwalk Mall

Most visitors of Wildwood will eventually gravitate toward the shining neon lights and heavy commotion outside of the Boardwalk Mall (3800 Boardwalk).

This large boardwalk complex is a beloved must-see destination at Wildwood, home to a diverse assortment of unique shops and restaurants that have lured visitors for decades.

If you do end up browsing the shops or dining at one of the restaurants, don’t forget to head to the basement for a lively arcade.

Doo Wop Diner

An ode to the 1950s era of Wildwood, the Doo Wop Diner (4010 Boardwalk) is a fifties-themed diner located right on the boardwalk.

From the black-and-white checkered walls to the neon signs and pictures adorning the walls, the Doo Wop takes you back to the heyday of Wildwood 70 years ago.

The decor is fun and unique, and the food is somehow even better.

Try a double cheeseburger and fries or pick one of their 16 flavors of milkshakes and malts.

Original Fudge Kitchen

Every proper beach town has at least one fudge shop, and The Original Fudge Kitchen (4120 Boardwalk) is a locally-loved delight.

This fudge kitchen has been a staple of the Wildwood boardwalk for more than 50 years, specializing in traditional favorites such as chocolate, vanilla, and vanilla nut.

If you are looking for a more adventurous flavor, try one of their rotating flavors such as mint chocolate, maple walnut, and pistachio.

Wildwoods Convention Center

While not necessarily an obvious attraction, there are many great family-fun events held at the Wildwood Convention Center (4501 Boardwalk) throughout the year.

At over 260,000 square feet and a 7,000-person capacity, the convention center is home to many entertaining events throughout the year, including concerts and the Wildwood Kite Festival.

One of the biggest highlights of the year is the annual New Jersey Fall Classic Car Show, with a great selection of classic cars that enthusiasts and children of all ages will want to attend from open to close.

The Doo Wop Preservation League Museum

During the 1950s and 1960s, Wildwood was a bustling hotspot for the “Doo Wop” architectural style, with neon signs adorning every building and a signature striking interior and exterior design.

The Doo Wop Preservation League (4500 Ocean Avenue) is a historical museum home to the largest collection of “Doo Wop” architecture in America.

Browse the hundreds of collectible items from this time period including neon signs and 1950s-style furniture, while also learning about the many different buildings, and their designers, that once dominated the visual aesthetic of Wildwood. 

Sightseers Trams

If you are looking for a unique way to tour the Wildwood boardwalk, hop onto the Sightseer Trams (5300 Boardwalk).

In operation since 1949, this tram ride traverses two miles of the boardwalk, offering a calm and shaded space to travel along the boardwalk and learn about the rich history of Wildwood and all of its landmark locations.

It’s a great option for those with limited mobility or families with little ones.

Aerial photo of a boat sailing in still water of the bay at sunset in Wildwood New Jersey

Little Italy Restaurant

For a more upscale dining experience, head to Little Italy.

Little Italy Restaurant (5401 Atlantic Avenue) is an Italian restaurant and bar in Wildwood Crest with a decor that takes you to a Mom-and-Pop along the Mediterranean.

Make sure to try the Eggplant Parmesan or Chicken Parmesan, and when you’re done try some of their famous cannolis.

Island Miniature Golf

For some classic mini-golf fun, spend an hour at Island Miniature Golf (4501 New Jersey Avenue).

This 18-hole course features tropical decorations including tiki statues, waterfalls, and a large fountain.

For any visitors with accessibility in mind, there are ramps located wherever there is difficult terrain, and the entirety of the course is wheelchair-accessible.

Wildwood Historical Society – George F. Boyer Museum

If you are interested in the history of Wildwood and the Jersey Shore as a whole, then make sure you stop at the George F. Boyer Museum (3907 Pacific Avenue).

This museum features pieces of Wildwood history dating back to the early 1900s, with memorabilia from World War I and World War II, as well as artifacts from the many different eras of Wildwood.

The most popular exhibits include the popular music era, wartime memorabilia, and the Doo Wop era, with an event schedule full of art and culture workshops along with other historical education programs.

Zippy’s Bikes

Most beachgoers would agree that the best way to traverse a beach town is on a rented bike.

Zippy’s Bikes (3900 Pacific Avenue) offers a wide assortment of two-wheeled vehicles for both adults and children including bicycles, electric bikes, and electric scooters.

Zippy’s also offers bike repair if you ever run into the need for a quick fix while you’re down at the shore.

Cattle ‘n Clover Irish Pub and Steakhouse

You will be hard-pressed to find an Irish steakhouse in Wildwood — or really anywhere on the New Jersey coastline — and Cattle ‘n Clover Irish Pub and Steakhouse (3817 Pacific Avenue) is proud of that fact.

The uniqueness of Cattle ‘n Clover is felt the moment you walk in, from the decor to the menu.

Make sure you try their famous Fish and Chips or the crowd-favorite Corned Beef and Cabbage.

Byrne Plaza

Byrne Plaza (3400 Pacific Avenue) is a large open space that is home to many of the most popular outdoor events in Wildwood.

One of the biggest events at Byrne Plaza is the Downtown Wildwood Farmers Market, which hosts live music and carnival acts in addition to over 60 local vendors of fresh produce and all kinds of artisanal goods.

You can also join an outdoor fitness class at Byrne Plaza, and don’t miss their free family movie nights!

Hooked on Books

For a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of the many Wildwood boardwalk attractions, take a break at Hooked on Books (3405 Pacific Avenue).

A charming piece from a different time, this used bookstore has a passionate fan base of locals and returning visitors.

The selection of books always has something for everyone, and the staff prides themselves on their wealth of knowledge and eagerness to find your perfect beach read.

Dark Star Pirate Cruise

If you are looking for things to do in Wildwood that are truly unique, hop aboard the Dark Star Pirate Cruise (6200 Park Boulevard) for an hour-long pirate-themed cruise along the coast of Wildwood Crest.

Sit back and enjoy as the cast of pirates guide you around the open ocean, or put on a costume yourself and join in on the adventure.

While the main objective of the cruise is a hunt for buried treasure, there are also additional activities such as face painting, a mock sword fight, and water cannon battles.

When searching for fun things to do in Wildwood Crest, Dark Star is an obvious first choice.

Surfside West

Surfside West (5308 New Jersey Avenue) may seem like a simple diner from the outside, but it’s absolutely one of the best places to go in Wildwood.

Surfside is routinely voted the favorite restaurant in all of Wildwood.

Everything about Surfside West is comforting: the food is familiar and cooked to perfection, and the owner is often seen strolling around the diner making conversation with whoever doesn’t have their mouth full at the moment.

If you do head to Surfside, make sure to try their ricotta pancakes or their famous ‘Hangover’ meals with a little bit of all things savory.

Silver Bullet Tours

For an exciting Wildwood beach activity, schedule an immersive high-speed tour of the open ocean with Silver Bullet Tours (508 W Rio Grande Avenue).

The Silver Bullet is a twin Penta turbo-charged diesel speed boat that can accelerate to high speeds along the coast.

While part of the 90-minute cruise is the thrill of cruising the Wildwood coast at high speeds, there is also a guided tour of local wildlife that culminates with dolphin-watching along their most common routes.

Mocean Waverunners

For even more extreme adventure, rent a jetski from Mocean Waverunners (560 W Rio Grande Avenue).

Mocean (pronounced motion) provides jet ski rentals along with training and supervision in a designated space in Wildwood Bay immediately north of Sunset Lake.

The staff of instructors are certified in watersport safety and will provide instruction and supervision as needed for any riders.

Urie’s Waterfront Restaurant

For a spacious fine-dining experience right on the bay, head to Urie’s Waterfront Restaurant (588 W Rio Grande Avenue).

Nearly a dozen long rows of tables provide incredible views of the bay that just may be one of the best views of the Wildwood sunsets.

Urie’s is best known for its seafood; the most popular dishes include crab cakes and crab legs served with lemon and a heaping dish of butter.

Bar Fore Sports Simulator

Bar Fore Sports Simulator (1800 Boardwalk) is the perfect adult getaway for the afternoon when you are looking for things to do on the Wildwood Boardwalk while it’s raining or the sun is becoming too much to take.

The wall-width digital screen acts as an immersive golf simulator with over 50 different real-world golf courses to choose from.

Play an 18-hole course or even switch up the sport to hockey, basketball, or football.

While you and your friends are playing a round of golf, make sure to order a round of drinks from the connected bar to really make it a day out to remember.

Albert I Allen Memorial Park

Albert I Allen Memorial Park (2201 Delaware Avenue) is a wonderful playground perfect for any parents looking for a way to let their kids go wild on the slides and jungle gym for an hour.

While the park offers playgrounds and open green space for the kids, there are also sports and recreation options for all kinds of interests.

Take your skateboard or bike to the skate park, bring your stick and blades to the hockey rink, or join a basketball game on one of the double courts.

Aerial view of the sunset over North Wildwood sea wall in New Jersey

Hereford Inlet Lighthouse

Visit the last remaining lighthouse in Wildwood, serving as both an active lighthouse and an immersive museum.

Hereford Inlet Lighthouse (111 N Central Avenue) is a modest home on the southwestern coastline of Hereford Inlet in North Wildwood that has also functioned as an operating lighthouse dating back to its original creation in 1874.

Guests can tour the home and climb into the lighthouse to learn all about the storied history of this building that has enlightened the Wildwood coastline for the past 150 years.

Final Words

Did this guide help you plan your summer getaway to Wildwood NJ? We hope so!

Share your favorite local activities and attractions in the comments below.

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