Snow Tubing in New Jersey: 9 Best Spots

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Discover the coolest destinations that offer snow tubing in New Jersey this winter!

Grab the family, and get outdoors for the thrill of throwing yourself down ski resorts and public hills blessed with fresh snow.

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Best Places for Snow Tubing in New Jersey

Mountain Creek

Mountain Creek (200 Route 94, Vernon) is widely considered to be some of the best snow tubing in NJ.

As one of the largest snow-tubing parks in the country, Mountain Creek offers an unforgettable experience for visitors.

With an impressive 30 lanes sprawled across five acres, there’s no shortage of excitement for children and adults alike.

Riders of all ages are welcome, provided they are at least 5 years old and stand at least 42 inches tall.

Mountain Creek NJ snow tubing sessions last for two hours, allowing plenty of time to enjoy the slopes.

A fire pit and a convenient food truck are situated right next to the tubing hill, so you can warm up and refuel after a couple of hours going up and down the slopes.

For those looking for a more extensive place to rest, the Red Tail Lodge at the resort offers a range of food options and a cozy seating area.

What sets Mountain Creek apart is its abundance of amenities and activities, with a 4-star resort that offers fine dining and luxury lodging accommodations, like The Appalachian.

If you are looking for other activities while you are at Mountain Creek, consider spending a day skiing or snowboarding on the expansive mountain slopes.

The Vernon NJ snow tubing experience and other fun winter activities at Mountain Creek ski resort is perfect for family adventures or fun outings with friends during the season.

Campgaw Mountain

Campgaw Mountain Ski Area (200 Campgaw Road, Mahwah) offers a snow tubing experience that’s intimate yet highly sought after.

What sets this Mahwah, NJ snow tubing park apart from larger resorts is its smaller, more cozy setting.

Whether you’re introducing young ones to the joys of tubing or seeking a more thrilling experience for yourself, there is a range of slope levels that cater to different age ranges.

Each tubing session lasts for two hours, providing ample time for you and your family to make the most of the snow-covered slopes.

Campgaw snow tubing doesn’t have a specific age requirement, but riders must be at least 48 inches tall to ensure safety and enjoyment.

Due to the limited size of the tubing hill, tickets tend to sell out quickly, and the hill often buzzes with activity.

To secure your spot for a thrilling tubing adventure at Campgaw, you’ll want to plan ahead.

Tickets traditionally go on sale six days before your intended day of tubing, so be sure to mark your calendar.

While Campgaw may be smaller than some of the larger ski resorts, it offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for families and groups of friends.

Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park (1 Audrey Zapp Drive, Jersey City) offers a distinctive snow tubing experience with a breathtaking backdrop.

This recreational park, situated along the shores of the Hudson Bay, provides visitors with a stunning view of the iconic New York City skyline across the water.

What sets Liberty State Park apart is its unique location, which pairs park space for winter activities with a stunning urban vista.

The park features small rolling hills, making it an ideal destination for families with young children.

As with other informal tubing spots, there are no set rules or structure to the hills, and everyone must bring their own equipment, whether that be tubes, sleds, or plastic trash can lids.

Liberty State Park is a welcoming and safe environment for young children to embrace the winter season’s simple pleasures.

The park is also a popular spot for ferry trips to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, providing a historic and educational component to your winter adventure once you are done tubing.

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Thompson Park

Thompson Park (805 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft) is a delightful destination for those seeking a more informal and communal snow tubing experience.

What makes this vast park unique is its plentiful space for winter activities and historic properties across the park.

With all of the space and various hills, guests are encouraged to bring their own equipment for sledding and tubing.

Thompson Park itself spans an impressive 675 acres, however, the snow tubing hill is on the smaller side.

While Thompson Park is not considered to be an obvious choice for NJ snow tubing, this informal tubing hill is perfect for families, friends, and local winter enthusiasts to gather and enjoy the snow without the scale of a full ski resort.

This flexibility is what makes Thompson Park an appealing choice for those who want to do winter activities at their own pace, especially parents of young children who are not as interested in the larger tubing hills available at the large ski resorts.

Fort Mott State Park

Fort Mott State Park (454 Fort Mott Road) offers a charming and informal winter experience perfect for sledding and tubing.

This recreational park provides the perfect setting for a variety of winter activities on winter days with at least a few inches of snow.

One of the unique aspects of Fort Mott State Park is its small rolling hills, providing a gentle and safe space for kids to enjoy the winter wonderland.

While the park itself spans 124 acres, it’s the small hills that make it an excellent choice for families with young children.

Whether you’re interested in sledding and tubing, playing in the snow or just taking a leisurely stroll through the winter landscape, the park provides a serene backdrop for your winter adventures.

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Snow Tubing Around New Jersey

Let’s venture with places for snow tubing near New Jersey.

Featured below are ski resorts and tubing hills from towns outside the state that you may want to consider.

Shawnee Mountain Ski Area, PA

Just less than an hour’s drive from the New Jersey border on the western end of the Delaware Water Gap, you’ll find Shawnee Mountain Ski Area (401 Hollow Road, East Stroudsburg).

While it may be smaller in size compared to some of its counterparts, Shawnee has its own unique charm and appeal.

What sets Shawnee apart from other ski resorts in the Poconos for New Jersey residents is the proximity: it is a 30-minute drive from Blairstown and roughly 40 minutes from Andover.

This convenience can’t be overstated, as it allows you to maximize your time on the slopes without the hassle of a long journey.

Shawnee Mountain features a cozy tubing hill with seven lanes, creating an intimate and communal atmosphere and making it perfect for families and groups of friends looking for a more relaxed and personal experience.

The rider requirements at Shawnee cater to a broad range of visitors, with those aged four years and older welcome to take part in the tubing fun.

For younger adventurers, measuring 46 inches and below, riding with a parent is required, with the option of tandem tubes. 

Each tubing session at Shawnee lasts for two hours, providing ample time to slide down the slopes and make the most of your visit.

While Shawnee Mountain may be more compact than some other tubing destinations, it’s precisely this intimacy that makes it a beloved choice for many.

Camelback Ski Resort, PA

Nestled in the picturesque Pocono Mountains, Camelback Ski Resort (Tannersville) is a very popular destination for travelers coming from the Philadelphia area, as well as South and Central New Jersey.

Camelback is renowned for its exceptional skiing and snowboarding facilities, but it is also becoming increasingly known as some of the best snow tubing on the East Coast, especially with the expanded lanes and recent development of the Galactic Snow Tubing experience.

Camelback’s Galactic Snow Tubing is an enchanting night-tubing experience that transforms the snow-covered hills into a vibrant world of colors.

As you plunge down the lanes, you’re surrounded by an array of colors, creating a sense of exhilaration and adventure.

It’s an experience that’s not just fun but visually spectacular, making you feel like you’re navigating your way through a winter wonderland.

With a whopping 42 lanes, Camelback ensures that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to indulge in this captivating experience.

As for the rider requirements, you need to be at least 44 inches tall.

If you’re riding with an adult, you can be as short as 33 inches, and you will be riding in a double tube or part of a chain.

Riding on laps, however, is not allowed, ensuring safety for all.

Each tubing session lasts for two hours and starts on the hour every hour, so there’s no rush to squeeze in your fun.

If you’re staying at the Camelback Resort lodging, you’ll benefit from exclusive pricing for tubing among other perks around the resort. 

The resort features 453 guest suites, providing a cozy and convenient base for your winter adventures.

If the cold weather gets a bit too chilly for your liking, the resort boasts an indoor water park that’s perfect for the kids, ensuring non-stop entertainment for the whole family.

Mt. Peter

Mt. Peter (51 Old Mt. Peter Road Warwick, NY) is conveniently situated less than a 20-minute drive away from the Mountain Creek Ski Resort (200 Route 94, Vernon), making it an excellent choice for snow tubing adventures that extend beyond the borders of New Jersey.

The resort offers a fantastic multi-lane tubing run, which spans an impressive 600 feet in length. 

To make the experience even more enjoyable, they provide a Carpet lift, transporting you from the base of the Big Hill to the hilltop, eliminating the need to haul your tube manually.

For safety considerations, Mount Peter enforces a minimum height requirement- participants must be at least 42 inches tall. 

Those who don’t meet this height requirement must ride with a companion.

Families with young children will be pleased to know that there’s a dedicated tubing hill specially designed for little ones, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for kids.

Besides tubing, the resort offers skiing and snowboarding, complete with lessons and programs tailored to those looking to enhance their skills in these winter sports.

Mount Peter also provides a warm and cozy lodge where you can relax, warm up, and enjoy some snacks.

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Hunter Mountain

Though a two-hour drive from the northern New Jersey border, Hunter Mountain (64 Klein Avenue, Hunter, NY) is one of the largest resorts in New York, with one of the biggest and most accommodating snow-tubing hills.

Hunter Mountain features 67 ski and snowboard trails with a mix of beginner, intermediate, and advanced terrain, reaching a peak elevation of 3,200 feet, which is significantly higher and more complex than some of the other resorts on this list.

There is plenty to do such as skiing and snowboarding, and in terms of snow tubing, there is also more here than many other resorts outside of Camelback in Pennsylvania.

With 20 lanes that are nearly 1,000 feet long, Hunter Mountain provides a high-quality tubing experience.

Guests must be at least 44 inches tall to tube solo, but if you’re a bit shorter, measuring at least 36 inches, you can join the fun by riding with an adult.

Each tubing session lasts for two hours, which provides plenty of time to make the most of your visit.

However, it’s essential to arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of your reservation.

With such a popular destination, the hills can get crowded, so arriving early gives you ample time to set up, get ready, and maximize your tubing time.

They offer a mini park designed for small children, ensuring the little ones can enjoy the snow safely.

In the Snow Tubing Lodge, you’ll find The Snack Shop, complete with a snack bar and a cozy fire pit, the perfect place to refuel and warm up between runs.

And if you’re seeking a place to relax and dry off for a little longer, look no further than the Kaatskill Mountain Club Hotel, conveniently located next to the tubing park.

The hotel features a warm lounge where you can unwind, dry off, and get toasty after a frosty day on the slopes.

Whether you’re racing down the slopes or sipping hot cocoa by the fire, this location ensures you’ll create unforgettable winter memories.

Final Thoughts

We hope our recommendations for snow tubing in NJ gave you helpful ideas of where to enjoy this winter activity.

Feel free to share your experiences with us if you have tried any of these places.

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