17 Haunted Hotels in New England for a Spooky Getaway

Blue skies over The Hotel Portsmouth in New Hampshire

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New England is known as home to stunning landscapes, charming small towns, and plenty of activities to keep you busy. 

But this region is also a hotbed for haunted activities- from its centuries-old graveyards and historic buildings, which provide the perfect setting for a spooky getaway.

And to complete the spine-tingling experience, you can also find many haunted hotels in New England that are said to be home to spirits who refuse to check out.

So if you’re looking for a fright on Halloween or just a scary good time throughout the year, stay at one of these hotels and see for yourself what’s really going on behind the scenes- and if the ghost stories about them are true or not!

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Best Haunted Hotels in New England

Haunted Hotels in Maine

This section will explore some of the haunted hotels in Maine.

Most of these hotels boast their haunted reputation- attracting curious guests to check in and enjoy the hotels’ convenient location and great amenities.

During your stay, you can also explore cities in Maine and find lots of fun things to do.

The Kennebunk Inn and Tavern

The Kennebunk Inn (45 Main St, Kennebunk) is one of the many haunted hotels in New England. 

The inn is said to be haunted by former watchman Silas Perkins. 

He haunts the employees and loves entertaining guests, especially those in room 17.

Guests have access to free parking, a terrace, and the on-site tavern. 

The inn focuses on sustainability, and they have a variety of room options, including 170 sq ft to 300 sq ft rooms with a king, queen bed, or a queen and two twins. 

Or, there is a 515 sq ft, two bedroom suite with a king, a queen, and a sofa bed, and an 830 sq ft suite with a king bed, two twin beds, and a sofa bed. 

Captain Fairfield Inn

Captain Fairfield Inn (8 Pleasant Street, Kennebunkport) is also one of the haunted hotels in the northeast. 

It is said to be haunted by Captain James Fairfield, who lived in the home with his family until he died in there from pneumonia. 

Some guests claimed that they have seen his presence standing in the basement or in other areas of the inn.

The rooms include daily breakfast, a cable TV, free Wi-Fi, and free private parking.

Haunted Hotels in Massachusetts

If you love a good scare, then you’ll enjoy staying at the haunted hotels in Massachusetts, with some of them the site of unsolved murders and paranormal activities.

Looking for other hotel options in Massachusetts? You may also like hotels in Provincetown, Plymouth, or Martha’s Vineyard.

Lizzie Borden House (A Bed and Breakfast & Museum)

Lizzie Borden House (230 2nd St, Fall River) is one of the most haunted hotels in New England. 

The property used to be a regular house until an unsolved murder occurred on August 4th, 1892, and now it has become a haunted inn and museum. 

Guests get a ghost or house tour included in their stay, or there is the option to do a ghost hunt at night. 

There are six rooms to choose from, each one named after the family members who lived in it before the murder. 

You can also rent a floor of the house or the whole house.

Deerfield Inn

One of the haunted inns in Massachusetts is the Deerfield Inn (81 Old Main Street, Deerfield). 

This property is a great option if you want something haunted but not too scary since the ghost here is said to be ”kid-friendly”. 

The ghost, Hershel, lives in room 148 and just likes to make a mess of the room by rearranging things. 

The inn has a restaurant and fireplaces and is close to sites like Historic Deerfield (80 Old Main St) and the Memorial Hall Museum (8 Memorial Street).

Every room has a private bathroom and sleeps either two or three guests. 

The rooms have a king, a queen, or two queen beds, plus a seating space. 

Concord’s Colonial Inn

Concord’s Colonial Inn (48 Monument Square, Concord) has been open for over three centuries, so it may not be a surprise if you see plenty of ghosts floating around the inn.

The best room for ghost spotting is Room 24, where a ghost has roamed since 1996- but other ghosts have also been spotted. 

More paranormal activities were reported and featured on the show Ghost Hunters back in 2010.

But the property is not just all about the fright as their rooms are well lit and nicely decorated with options like a 168 sq ft or 220 sq ft queen bedroom or a 250 sq ft king bedroom- ensuring guests are all comfortable during their stay.

Check out our favorite things to do in Concord to calm your nerves before or after a spooky experience.

Scenic pond with trees and views of the sky

Haunted Hotels in Salem

Salem, Massachusetts, is known for the infamous Witch Trials and events like the Haunted Happenings Festival- attracting tourists from all over the world looking for a taste of mystery and the supernatural. 

So it’s not a surprise to find haunted hotels in the area with chilling stories of real hauntings experienced by hotel guests and employees.

We also have another list of hotels in Salem you may want to consider staying at if you’re not into all the spooky stuff.

The Salem Inn

Guests at The Salem Inn (7 Summer Street) have many ghost stories to tell, and they seem to be from the same three ghosts who haunt the inn. 

But, the most common ghost story comes from Room 17, which is haunted by a woman who had her husband murdered. 

Guests get daily breakfast and can find many restaurants, shops, and museums near the inn and the famous Witch House (310 Essex St).

The inn comprises three buildings, offering rooms ranging from 252 to 440 sq ft foot rooms with a queen bed or a king.

There are also family suites ranging from a 550 sq ft suite with a queen bed and two sofa sleepers to a 1025 sq ft premium family suite with a queen bed and four twin beds. 

Dark gray Jonathan Corwin House is known as The Witch House in Salem, Massachusetts.

Hawthorne Hotel

Hawthorne Hotel (18 Washington Square) has been named the most haunted hotel in Salem and one of the most haunted in the entire country. 

Guests and employees alike have claimed to feel spirits at the hotel, and many people believe the ghosts are victims of the Salem Witch Trials. 

Fittingly, the hotel is right by the Salem Witch Museum (19 1/2 N Washington Square), and there is a restaurant, a fitness center, and a gift shop at the hotel.

The room options include 100 sq ft full bedrooms, 140 sq ft to 200 sq ft queen rooms, 160 sq ft king rooms, and a few rooms with two queen beds ranging in size from 270 sq ft to 310 sq ft. 

Photo of Salem Witch Museum in Salem

Haunted Hotels in Boston

The next time you visit Boston, why not stay in one of the city’s haunted hotels?

Some of these hotels have historic backgrounds and were built more than a hundred years ago, so it’s not surprising to hear creepy stories about them.

And during your stay, experience Boston at night to discover many exciting activities that can go from entertaining to thrilling.

The Liberty Hotel

The Liberty Hotel (215 Charles Street) is a haunted luxury hotel in Boston that used to be a jail. 

Guests who stay at what used to be the Charles Street Jail have seen ghosts of old inmates. 

The hotel sits on the Charles River and offers seasonal yoga classes, seasonal bike rentals, and an on-site bar and restaurant. 

There are many rooms at the hotel, including the 350 sq ft to 480 sq ft king rooms, full bed size rooms, and rooms with two queen beds. 

Inside The Liberty Hotel in Boston Massachusetts

Omni Parker House Boston

Omni Parker House (60 School Street) is a great option for haunted weekend getaways. 

The most common ghost spotted is Harvey Parker, who used to operate the inn as a dedicated worker and apparently has not left the place even after his death.

There have been other ghost sightings too, specifically in rooms 303 and 1040 and on the third and tenth floors. 

The luxury hotel is in a great location near downtown Boston attractions, and there is a restaurant on-site. 

You have many rooms to choose from at the hotel, including 90 sq ft twin rooms, 210 sq ft queen, king, or two double beds, and 400 sq ft to 520 sq ft executive suites.

Omni Parker House Hotel Boston Massachusetts

Haunted Hotels in CT

This list will explore haunted hotels in Connecticut that are worth checking out on your next visit.

And if you’re looking for ideas on activities during your stay, you can try kayaking in Connecticut or visit Mystic for indoor and outdoor fun.

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Captain Grant’s 1754

Captain Grant’s 1754 (109 CT-2A, Preston) was home to many soldiers during the Revolutionary War. 

Today, their spirits are believed to haunt the more than 200-year-old inn- that’s why visitors can hear random knockings on the door at night and other bizarre things.

It is also said that a ghost of a woman wearing colonial-era clothing with two children haunts the Adelaide Room.

Near the inn is a hiking trail, the town of Norwich, and Easy Bay. 

There are six rooms at the inn, half of which have gas fireplaces and all of which have full bathrooms, cable TV, and air conditioning. 

Blackberry River Inn

Blackberry River Inn (538 Greenwoods Road West (Route 44 West), Norfolk) is a haunted bed and breakfast in New England. 

Stories say that a ghost of a woman occupies the house’s second floor, and the same ghost has been spotted outside the inn. 

Guests get daily breakfast and access to a music room, a library, and 24/7 tea and coffee.

The rooms are spread among three buildings, the Main House with two rooms and two suites, the Carriage House with twelve queen or twin rooms, and The Cottage.

The cottage is a one-room rental with a jacuzzi, a shower, and a fireplace. 

Haunted Hotels in Vermont

Random footsteps and eerie voices heard at night?

These haunted hotels in Vermont will definitely give you the creeps.

Some guests say these are not true while others say they are- so there’s only one way to find out, right?

If you’re visiting in the fall,  we also have a guide that lists various places to stay for fall foliage in Vermont.

The Green Mountain Inn

Green Mountain Inn (18 Main Street, PO Box 60, Stowe) is one of the haunted inns in New England. 

The property is said to be haunted by Boots Berry, an old inn worker who fell off the roof during a snowstorm and died in 1902. 

Today, guests can hear Boots’ footsteps on the roof during a snowstorm. 

The inn has great amenities like on-site restaurants, a sauna, a year-round outdoor pool, and massage therapy. 

It is also in the heart of downtown Stowe and is close to activities like skiing and fishing, as well as sites like the Ben and Jerry’s factory.

The room options include 144 sq ft to 208 sq ft queen rooms, a 208 sq ft room with two double beds, or a 240 sq ft to 270 sq ft king suite.

Brass Lantern Inn

Brass Lantern Inn (717 Maple Street, Stowe) is an old carriage house.

Guests have heard voices and laughing coming from empty rooms late at night. 

Though believed to be haunted, the property boasts ample outdoor space with mountain views, a game room, a patio, and a year-round outdoor hot tub.

The inn serves daily breakfast, with nine nicely decorated guest rooms that come with a private bathroom, TV, and queen size beds.

Just a few minutes’ drive from the property is the historic Trapp Family Lodge (700 Trapp Hill Rd), owned by the Trapp family that inspired the movie The Sound of Music.

A view of the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe Vermont on a sunny day in summer

Haunted Hotels in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is known for its scenic views which is why it’s probably one of the top destinations in New England in fall– or just at any time of the year.

But if you want to make your visit here more thrilling, book your stay at one of the haunted hotels in the state.

If you’re looking for a haunted hotel in New Hampshire to spend the night, then consider the hotels listed below.

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The Tilton Inn

Tilton Inn (255 Main Street, Tilton) is more than a century old and has been burned down three times.

It is said that a ghost of a 12-year-old child continues to live at the property after she died in a fire. 

Despite that, the hotel is still worth visiting!

You get breakfast during your stay, and there is also an on-site restaurant. 

The room options are a 200 sq ft room with double or twin beds or a 300 sq ft room with a queen or king bed. 

The Hotel Portsmouth

The Hotel Portsmouth (40 Court Street, Portsmouth) is another one of the haunted places to stay in New England. 

Some hotel visitors witnessed a female ghost on the third floor in Suite 204, and she also hangs out on the entire floor along with other ghosts at the hotel. 

The rooms in the hotel are quite spacious: the queen rooms are 200 sq ft to 225 sq ft, and the king rooms range in size from 250 sq ft for a standard room to 750 sq ft for the deluxe king suite with two beds and a sofa sleeper. 

Nearby the hotel is the town of Kittery- a place where you can shop, admire art, enjoy restaurants, and conveniently located just a few minutes from the ocean.

The hotel is also featured in our guide to historic hotels in New England.

Blue skies over The Hotel Portsmouth in New Hampshire

Final Thoughts

So if you’re feeling brave, consider staying at some of New England’s haunted hotels on your next visit, and don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below!

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