21 Dreamy Covered Bridges in Vermont: Pictures & Map

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Planning a road trip through New England? You’ll definitely want to explore the best covered bridges in Vermont! Many of these historic VT bridges are located near lovely villages, so pack your camera and have plenty of charge on your phone.

Most of Vermont’s covered bridges contribute to the local history and are very popular for New England photography.

This guide reveals where the famous covered bridges in VT are located, a little about their history, and other things to do in the area.

We’ve also created a Vermont covered bridges map, which you can download before setting off on your New England tour.

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Covered Bridges of Vermont

Let’s start our self-guided Vermont covered bridges tour at the most searched bridge, West Dummerston Covered Bridge, in the south of the Green Mountain State.

Covered Bridges in Southern Vermont

West Dummerston Covered Bridge

It is said that West Dummerston Covered Bridge is the longest covered bridge in Vermont.

It is located at 2891 West River Road and sits over the West River.

The original West Dummerston Covered Bridge was created in 1872 by Caleb B. Lamson and was replaced in 1998.

This one-lane town lattice bridge in Vermont is the only bridge with diamond-shaped side ports.

There is a small parking lot near the bridge, and the river below it is used by families.

This is an example of a covered bridge near Brattleboro, VT.

Other things to do in Brattleboro include the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, Living Memorial Park, and a hike to Retreat Tower.

West Dummerston Covered Bridge over river with fall color trees

Scott Covered Bridge

Scott Covered Bridge is located at Route 30, 3049 State Forest Rd in Townshend.

Like the West Dummerston, Scott is also perched over the West River.

It was built in 1870 by Harrison Chamberlin; renovations started in 2016.

Scott Covered Bridge is a town lattice and king post covered bridge.

There is a sign that states Scott Covered Bridge is the longest wooden span in Vermont.

Covered Bridges in Bennington, VT

Bennington is a popular town in the south of the state, and here you will find a selection of bridges that are great for your self-guided Vermont covered bridge tour.

Other things to do in Bennington include the Robert Frost Stone House Museum at Bennington College and, if visiting during fall, the Molly Stark Byway Route 9 for leaf peeping.

Silk Road Covered Bridge

Silk Road Covered Bridge, Bennington is located at Silk Road over the Walloomsac River.

This well-maintained bridge was built in 1840 by Benjamin Sears, with restoration taking place in the 90s.

This lattice structure bridge is also called Locust Grove and Robinson Ranch.

Some feel that Silk Road wins the title of one of the prettiest covered bridges in Vermont.

Do you agree? Tell us in the comments.

Like many in this guide, Silk Road is a red covered bridge in Vermont.

Silk Road Covered Bridge Bennington in Vermont

Henry Covered Bridge

Henry Bridge, Bennington is located at 475 River Rd in North Bennington.

Like its neighbor, Silk Road, this bridge is perched over the Walloomsac River.

Henry Covered Bridge was built in 1989 by VOAT.

This town lattice has one lane and can carry a maximum load of 15,000 pounds.

Cyclists need to be cautious of the uneven road running through the bridge.

Locals recommend the fishing opportunities around this area!

This bridge is also known as the Burt Henry Covered Bridge.

Sunny day at Henry Bridge in Bennington Vermont

Paper Mill Covered Bridge

Paper Mill Covered Bridge (Murphy Rd) is the last of the trio of bridges located over the Walloomsac River in Bennington.

The first version of the Paper Mill was built over a historic mill pond in 1889, and today’s version was erected in 2000.

This town lattice bridge is also known as Bennington Falls.

Red Paper Mill Covered Bridge Bennington and Walloomsac River

Arlington Green Covered Bridge

Arlington Covered Bridge is located at Covered Bridge Road and is also known as the Bridge at the Green.

It is situated over the Batten Kill River.

This is one of the most popular Vermont bridges, as locals and visitors enjoy the swimming hole and the kayak launching space.

This town lattice bridge was first built in 1852 but has had years of restoration.

The American painter and illustrator Norman Rockwell used to live at the homestead at the bridge.

This is one of the covered bridges near Manchester, VT.

Other things to do near Manchester include Mount Equinox and Lookout Rock, a visit to Hildene, the estate of Abraham Lincoln’s son Robert, and a game at Pastime Pinball.

Blue skies over Arlington Covered Bridge with green grass

Vermont Country Store Kissing Bridge

Heading east and farther north, you will find the cute Kissing Bridge of Vermont located at 1292 Rockingham Rd, Bellows Falls.

This historic bridge can be found next to the Vermont Country Store, which is owned by the Orton family.

According to the family, the name comes from the days when a boy would stop in the middle of the bridge to steal a kiss from his girl.

Many couples continue to pucker up under this Vermont covered bridge during their visit.

A queen post truss called the Depot Bridge was built in 1872 by Harrison Chamberlin, but this version of the bridge only lasted until the 1950s.

In 1967, a king post truss was erected using the remains of the Depot Bridge as instructed by the Orton family.

The Kissing Bridge is also known as the Victorian Village Covered Bridge.

Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge

Corbin Covered Bridge is situated west of NH Route 10 on North Newport Road, two miles north of Newport Village over the Croydon Branch of the Sugar River.

The town lattice-truss bridge sits over the Connecticut River and connects the towns of Cornish, NH, and Windsor, VT, which means you can straddle two states while visiting this bridge!

The bridge was constructed in 1866, although there were three different versions of the bridge that span the river before this version.

There are two other bridges in the vicinity, Blacksmith Shop Covered Bridge and Blow Me Down Covered Bridge.

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A snow covered Cornish-Windsor Two Lane Covered Bridge Spanning the Connecticut River

Woodstock, VT Covered Bridges

Visitors head to Woodstock in spring and fall to see the stunning Sleepy Hollow Farm, one of the most photographed places in the state.

There are three covered bridges near Woodstock – Middle Covered Bridge, Taftsville Covered Bridge, and Lincoln Covered Bridge.

Middle Covered Bridge

Middle Covered Bridge is located at Mountain Ave, Woodstock, and is situated over the Ottauquechee River.

The initial version was constructed in 1889, and then the bridge that stands today was built in 1969, with restoration taking place in the 1970s.

The town lattice bridge is the first publicly built covered bridge in Vermont.

Blue skies and fall colors frame Middle Bridge in Woodstock Vermont

Taftsville Covered Bridge

Taftsville Covered Bridge is located on Covered Bridge Road in Woodstock, which is just off Quechee Main Street.

It sits over the Ottauquechee River next to the Taftsville Station Hydroelectric Dam.

This bridge was first erected in 1836 and has taken the form of a king post, queen post, and arch.

The newest version of Taftsville opened in 2013 after storm damage.

Parking for 4-5 cars is located next to the bridge.

Red Taftsville Covered Bridge Vermont with fall colors

Lincoln Covered Bridge

Lincoln Covered Bridge is located at Fletcher Hill Road in Woodstock, over the Ottauquechee River.

The bridge, which is a pratt truss constructed in wood, is thought to have been built in 1865.

All three bridges are also featured in our Vermont fall road trip itinerary.

Lincoln Covered Bridge in Woodstock Vermont

Quechee Covered Bridge

Quechee Covered Bridge is located at 4 Waterman Hill Rd, Quechee, at Quechee Falls Park.

Constructed in 1970, this is one of the most famous covered bridges in Vermont.

Unfortunately, it was hit by Tropical Storm Irene in 2011.

Today, there is a large parking lot by the bridge and a viewing platform.

A great time to visit Quechee Covered Bridge is during the hot-air balloon festival in the Upper Valley!

The covered bridge is not to be confused with the closeby Quechee Gorge Bridge, which is well worth a visit too.

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Snow scene with Quechee Covered Bridge in Vermont

Warren Covered Bridge

Warren Covered Bridge is located at 19 Fuller Hill Rd in the Historic Residential District in Warren Village.

This queen post bridge is perched on top of Mad River.

Warren was initially built in 1880 by Walter Bagley and then renovated in 2000 and again in 2013.

Warren Covered Bridge Vermont sunset

Waitsfield Covered Bridge

Waitsfield Covered Bridge is also known as the Great Eddy Covered Bridge and is located at Bridge St, Waitsfield, over the Mad River.

Built in 1833, it is one of the oldest operating covered bridges in Vermont.

You can watch the burr truss bridge in real time via the webcam!

Northfield Falls Covered Bridge

Northfield Falls Covered Bridge is also known as Station Covered Bridge, and it is one of three bridges located in Northfield.

Situated over Dog River, the first bridge was built in 1872, and it is a town lattice bridge.

Lower Cox Brook Covered Bridge

The second bridge on the same road is the Lower Cox Brook Covered Bridge.

It was built in 1872, and it is a queen post bridge.

Upper Cox Brook Covered Bridge

The final bridge is the Upper Cox Brook Covered Bridge.

It was also built in 1872, and it is a queen post bridge.

Coburn Covered Bridge

Coburn Covered Bridge is located on Coburn Road at East Montpelier.

It sits over the Winooski River, close to Bragg Farm, so you can pop in for a creemee after seeing the bridge!

Originally built in 1851 by Larned Coburn, the queen post design has benefited from restoration in the 60s, 70s, and 90s.

Other things to do in Montpelier include the 1.7-mile walk by the Winooski River, visiting the Vermont History Museum to learn more about Native Americans, seeing the State House, and getting drinks at Three Penny Taproom.

The State House and sign in Montpelier Vermont

Covered Bridges in Northern Vermont

Shelburne Museum Covered Bridge

Shelburne Museum Covered Bridge is the entrance of Shelburne Museum, located at 5555 Shelburne Rd, Shelburne.

The multiple king with burr arch structure was built in 1845 by Farewell Wetherby.

This is one of the few covered bridges near Burlington, VT.

Other things to do in Burlington include shopping at Church Street Marketplace, drinking craft beer, and visiting Lake Champlain Islands!

Shelburne Museum Burlington in Vermont fall

Covered Bridges Near Stowe, VT

Stowe is a fun four-season destination in Vermont and one of the best places to ski on the East Coast!

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Emily’s Bridge, The Haunted Bridge of Stowe

Emily’s Bridge is also known as Gold Brook Bridge or Stowe Hollow Bridge, and visiting it is one of our favorite spooky things to do in Stowe in fall.

It is located at Covered Bridge Road in Stowe.

Built in 1844 by John W. Smith, Gold Brook Covered Bridge used a newly patented Howe truss!

However, that’s not the only reason Emily’s Bridge Vermont is one of the most searched terms for best covered bridges in Vermont…

This bridge is said to be haunted by a girl called Emily who took her life after being jilted by her lover, or some say pushed by a family member.

Visitors claim to hear noises when they get out of their cars, find scratches on the bodywork of their wheels, and see orbs in photographs taken at night.

Have you braved a visit to Emily’s Bridge?

Gold Brook Covered Bridge Emily’s Bridge Stowe in Vermont

Red Covered Bridge

Yes, another one for the red covered bridges in Vermont list with the name to prove it!

Red Covered Bridge is located at Cole Hill Rd in Morristown, which is a 10-minute drive from Stowe.

This bridge was built in 1896 and sits over Sterling Brook.

Other things to do in Stowe include driving the Stowe Scenic Auto Road, Sterling Gorge Falls, and drinks at The Alchemist Brewery.

Stowe Welcome postcard mural art Vermont

Map of VT Covered Bridges

You can check out the location of covered bridges in Vermont by accessing this map here.

Did you find our guide to the best covered bridges in Vermont useful?

Tell us in the comments!

Covered Bridges VT Map

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