14 Dreamy Covered Bridges of New Hampshire: Pictures & Map

Blue skies over Denman Thompson Bridge New Hampshire

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A fun treasure hunt-style game to play while road tripping through New England is to find the best covered bridges in New Hampshire! Many of these historic NH bridges are located in cute villages, so remember to pack your camera and have plenty of charge on your phones.

Most of New Hampshire’s covered bridges stand as a piece of history, an architectural moment in time, and more recently, act as a dreamy muse in New England photography.

This guide reveals where the famous covered bridges in NH are located, a little about their history, and other things to do in the area.

We’ve also created a map of covered bridges in New Hampshire, which you can download before you set off on your New England tour.

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Covered Bridges in New Hampshire

Let’s start our self-guided New Hampshire covered bridges tour in Jackson, a town that sees heavy footfall all year round.

Jackson, NH Covered Bridges

One of the most popular tourist villages in the White Mountains, Jackson is home to a couple of covered bridges.

Honeymoon Bridge

Honeymoon Bridge (Village Rd) lies over the Ellis River in Jackson, NH, and is bridge number 51.

Cars can pass through the bridge using one lane, and you can walk over the bridge via the designated path.

According to a tourist information plaque, it was built in 1876 by Charles Broughton of Conway, NH.

Honeymoon Bridge is also known as Jackson Bridge, and there is a sign at the front that states Jackson, NH.

During winter, the bridge is decorated with festive lights.

Jackson Covered Bridge New Hampshire

Ellis River Covered Bridge

Located in Wentworth Golf Club, Ellis River Covered Bridge has a wooden cover with a red bottom and green roof.

It is often mixed up with its neighboring covered bridge, Honeymoon Bridge.

Things to do near Honeymoon and Ellis River Covered Bridges include dining at the local deli, diner, grille, or tavern, walking the Covered Bridge Trail to Covered Bridge Beach at the river, and visiting Jackson Falls for an impressive waterfall.

If you like to walk, check out our guide to New Hampshire hikes.

Wentworth Covered Bridge Jackson New Hampshire

Lincoln, NH Covered Bridges

Lincoln is another well-known tourist location in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

You can read about the best things to do in Lincoln here.

Flume Covered Bridge

Flume Covered Bridge in Lincoln is a well-maintained bridge over the Pemigewasset River or The Pemi as it is known locally.

There is a path to the side of the bridge which you can walk over.

It was constructed in 1871, although the sign says 1886.

Flume is NH covered bridge number 39.

In the area, you can hike, visit Flume Gorge, hike the Mt. Pemigewasset Trailhead (3 hours), and visit the Flume Gorge Visitor Center.

Find out more here.

Red roofed Flume Covered Bridge in Lincoln New Hampshire

Bath, NH Covered Bridges

Bath Covered Bridge is located off US 302 and NH 10 in Bath.

The bridge covers the Ammonoosuc River and is bridge number 28.

Constructed in 1832, this loved bridge was refurbished in the 2010s and is said to be one of New Hampshire’s oldest surviving bridges.

A sign placed at the top of the bridge says, ‘one dollar fine to drive any team faster than walk on this bridge’.

You can park up close to the bridge using the dirt area.

If visiting with kids during fall, you might want to swing by Collins Farm Corn Maze and Adventure Trail.

Bath covered bridge in Bath New Hampshire

North Conway, NH Covered Bridges

North Conway is another established tourist spot in the White Mountains, and the following bridges can be found nearby.

This is a particularly beautiful area in NH in spring, too.

The Saco River Covered Bridge

The Saco River Covered Bridge is located at East Side Rd, a quarter mile north of NH Route 16 on N.H. Route 153 in Conway Village.

Although not the first to be built at this location, the current bridge was built in 1890, has a Paddleford truss with added arches, and is New Hampshire’s bridge number 48.

You won’t be surprised to read that the bridge spans the Saco River!

Saco River also features in our guide to New Hampshire’s best foliage spots.

Saco River Covered Bridge and Saco River New Hampshire

Swift River Covered Bridge

The Swift River Covered Bridge is located at West Side Rd, half a mile north of NH Route 16 at Conway Village.

Like the Saco River Bridge, Swift has a Paddleford truss with added arches and is not the first bridge located here.

The bridge that currently stands was built in 1870 and is bridge number 47.

There is a small parking lot for a maximum of four cars next to the bridge and additional street parking nearby.

Swift River Covered Bridge New Hampshire in the sun

Albany Covered Bridge

Albany Covered Bridge (Passaconaway Rd, Albany) is one of the covered bridges near North Conway, located less than 25 minutes drive from town.

New Hampshire bridge number 49 was constructed in 1858 and renovated in 1970.

A sign attached to the bridge says ‘White Mountain National Forest Bridge constructed by the town of Albany.’

This bridge looks great in fall, with the autumnal colors framing it.

While in the area, you can park your car and take an easy hike by the Swift River.

Other things to do in and near North Conway include Diana’s Baths, Bartlett, Cranmore Mountain Resort, and Echo Lake State Park.

Albany Covered Bridge fall Kancamagus Highway New Hampshire

Groveton Covered Bridges

North of the most popular White Mountain tourist destinations, you will discover lesser-known covered bridges in New Hampshire.

Groveton Covered Bridge

Groveton Covered Bridge is located at the east of US Route 3 in the village of Groveton.

It is perched over the Ammonoosue River.

The bridge has a Paddleford truss with added arches and was constructed in 1852.

This is bridge number 32 in New Hampshire.

You can’t drive through Groveton, so park up and check it out.

Close to the bridge is an old train car and Downtown where you can dine at North Country Family Restaurant.

Stark Covered Bridge

Stark Covered Bridge is located northwest of NH Route 110 on North Road in Stark Village.

It sits over the Upper Ammonoosuc River.

The bridge was constructed in 1862 and is a Paddleford truss-style bridge.

It has gone through several renovations to save it from the elements.

This is New Hampshire covered bridge number 37.

Stark Covered Bridge Androscoggin River New Hampshire

Covered Bridges in the South

While Jackson, North Conway, and Lincoln see most of the footfall during spring, summer, fall, and winter, there are covered bridges waiting to be explored south of the White Mountains, too.

Henniker Covered Bridge

Henniker Covered Bridge is also known as New England College Covered Bridge, a popular photography spot for fall photographers.

It is located south of NH Route 9 in Henniker Village over the Contoocook River.

The bridge is a lattice truss style and was first constructed in 1972.

Henniker is maintained by New England College and acts as a footpath.

It is New Hampshire bridge number 63.

Cross the bridge to walk through Azalea Park and dine at Abby’s Cafe, Daniel’s Restaurant, or Western Ave Pizza.

Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge

The Cornish–Windsor Covered Bridge is located west of NH Route 12A, five miles south of Plainfield Village on Cornish Toll Bridge Road.

It sits over the Connecticut River and connects the towns of Cornish, NH, and Windsor, VT, so you can straddle two states while visiting this bridge!

The bridge was constructed in 1866, although there were three different versions of the bridge that span the river before this version.

It is a town lattice-truss style bridge and New Hampshire bridge number 20.

There are two other bridges in the vicinity, Blacksmith Shop Covered Bridge and Blow Me Down Covered Bridge.

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A snow covered Cornish-Windsor Two Lane Covered Bridge Spanning the Connecticut River

Corbin Covered Bridge

Corbin Covered Bridge is located west of NH Route 10 on North Newport Road, two miles north of Newport Village over the Croydon Branch of the Sugar River.

It is estimated that the bridge was created in 1845 and is a town lattice truss style bridge.

In the early 1990s, Corbin was destroyed by a fire.

It is New Hampshire bridge number 17.

Close to Corbin Covered Bridge is Polyculture Brewing Company, which has a beer garden.

Snow Covered Corbin Covered Bridge in new Hampshire.

Sawyers Crossing Covered Bridge aka Cresson Bridge

Sawyers Crossing Covered Bridge is located one mile north of NH Route 32 and is near the site of an old Indian community on Sawyer’s Crossing Road in Swanzey.

The bridge spans the Ashuelot River.

Sawyers Bridge was initially built in 1771, and the town lattice truss bridge that stands today replaced it in 1859.

Sawyers is also known as Cresson Bridge and is New Hampshire bridge number 6.

Close to Sawyers Crossing, you can pick up Finish baked goods at Nordshire Farm.

Misty Cresson Crossing Covered Bridge

Thompson Covered Bridge, aka West Swanzey Covered Bridge

Denman Thompson Bridge is another recognizable red-covered bridge in New Hampshire.

It is also known as West Swanzey Covered Bridge.

Located at the east of NH Route 10 on Main Street, it spans the Ashuelot River in West Swanzey.

Constructed in 1832, this is New Hampshire covered bridge number 5.

Nearby, you can visit Swanzey Historical Museum and West LA Beer Company.

Blue skies over Denman Thompson Bridge New Hampshire

Map of NH Covered Bridges

You can access a map of our NH covered bridges list here.

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Map of NH covered bridges

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