Cherry Blossoms in Macon, Georgia: 28 Places to See & Activities

Pathway lined by cherry blossoms in Macon, Georgia on a spring night.

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Springtime in Macon, GA brings with it a breathtaking natural phenomenon that locals and visitors from around the world come to witness- the blooming of the cherry blossoms. 

Macon is known as the ‘cherry blossom capital of the world’- being home to more than 300,000 Yoshino cherry blossom trees.

Visitors can expect a magical atmosphere filled with colorful sights of cascading petals and lively festivities to celebrate the pinkest party on Earth.

If you’re looking for tips on where to see cherry blossoms in Macon, Georgia, this guide explores these locations, so get your cameras ready.

We’ve also included Macon’s Cherry Blossom Festival events complete with food, live entertainment, and cultural activities that mark the arrival of spring.

It’s important to note that the typical period for the peak bloom is around the third or last week of March and usually lasts for approximately ten days only- you will want to plan your trip accordingly.

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Where to Find Cherry Blossoms in Macon, GA 

Carolyn Crayton Park

Carolyn Crayton Park (115 Willie Smokie Glover Dr) is known as the ‘heart’ of the Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, with over 300 Yoshino cherry trees that were planted in the 1980s.

The park also features a fountain, picnic areas, and a walking trail.

During the festival, kids can have a go on the fairground rides that open for the event.

Third Street Park

During the season, Third Street Park (Third St) explodes with pink blooms from the many Yoshino cherry trees in the park.

This is one the best photo spots for the cherry blossoms in Macon as the trees are packed quite densely together.

Elsewhere in the city, they are a bit more sparse so harder to capture.

The water fountain also makes a great feature, framed by the blossoms.

Pathway lined by cherry blossoms in Macon, GA on a spring night.

Wesleyan College

Wesleyan College (4760 Forsyth Road) is a historic women’s college that has a beautiful campus, home to several cherry trees.

Visitors can stroll through the gardens and admire the pink blossoms.

Staff and alumni are also known to take part in the annual festival.

Northside Drive

Northside Drive in Macon, GA is a must-see spot for cherry blossom enthusiasts visiting the city.

This picturesque street is part of the Cherry Blossom Driving Trail, offering a stunning view of the blooming trees that line the road.

It is close to Flicking Farm where you can also find lots of sakura flowers.

Fickling Farm

Macon native, William A. Fickling Sr first planted a Yoshino cherry tree in his garden in 1949.

While admiring Flickling’s blossoms in the 1970s, the then Executive Director of the Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful Commission, Carolyn Crayton, asked if she could use some of the trees to make the city pretty.

Fickling gave Crayton 10,000 Yoshino cherry trees the first year, then more the next, and thus the city became the pinkest place on Earth.

Cherry blossoms white and pink

Japanese Magnolia Trees

It’s not just about the pale pink Sakura in Macon, the city also has bright pink Japanese Magnolia trees.

They tend to bloom a little earlier and pop a bit more than the softer pink trees.

Hay House

While Hay House (934 Georgia Ave) may not have cherry blossoms, it does have pink azaleas in its garden, making it a fun spot to check out during the pinkest party on Earth.

The Italian Renaissance Revival style is also known as the Palace of the South.

Cherry Blossom Driving Trail

Macon’s Cherry Blossom Driving Trail is the best route to see all of the pink and white blooms that Macon has to offer.

The trail weaves through Macon and provides one of the best views of concentrations of cherry blossoms on both private and public land.

Travel through Wesleyan College (4760 Forsyth Rd), Oxford Circle, and a variety of residential roads to see the biggest and brightest blooms that Macon has to offer.

Things to Do in Macon During Cherry Blossom Season

International Cherry Blossom Festival

The International Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon is the largest cherry blossom festival in the US, showcasing over 350,000 Yoshino cherry trees.

It is held in Macon every year in March and features a variety of events throughout the cherry blossom season.

Lasting for 10 days, this festival includes music, parades, competitions, rides, food, drink, and family-friendly fun activities all over the city.

Macon, Georgia Cherry Blossom Trees.

See a Live Show 

Carolyn Crayton Park (150 Willie Smokie Glover Dr) is the place to be for live music.

The park hosts bands every night of the festival featuring both local artists and bigger names.

You can see magicians, musicians, and even a human cannonball perform here.

Enjoy Rides at Carolyn Crayton Park

You can also find a variety of rides and carnival games during the festival at Carolyn Crayton Park.

The midway is professionally maintained for the entirety of the festival and features rides suitable for kids of all ages.

See the cherry blossoms and experience the carnival rides at Carolyn Crayton Park.

Cherry Blossom Gift Shop in Macon

The Cherry Blossom Gift Shop (115 Willie Smokie Glover Dr) is your one-stop shop for everything cherry blossom.

They sell commemorative cherry blossom merchandise as well as handmade goods by Macon artisans.

The gift shop also gives a portion of its proceeds to local charities so you can help support the Macon community with every purchase.

Cherry blossoms and blue sky

See the Pink Fountains

Fountains all around the city of Macon, especially those in the downtown area are dyed pink for the festival.

This makes for a great picture opportunity!

Cherry Blossom Parade in Macon

The Macon Cherry Blossom Parade (Corner of Cherry St. and First St) weaves through downtown Macon and is one of the premier events during the festival.

This parade features floats, marching bands, and guests of honor, a perfect day out for the whole family.

Note that this is free for all visitors and will happen rain or shine.

Meet Petals the Poodle

Petals the Poodle is the official mascot of the festival and is available for meet and greets.

Snap photos of the pink pup in a variety of cherry blossom-filled locations throughout the city.

Light cherry blossoms

Stroll through Downtown to Appreciate the Pink Storefronts

Downtown Macon (Cherry St) is covered in pink to celebrate the season.

Check out Jean And Hall Florists (768 Cherry St) or 1842 Inn (353 College St) for examples of tasteful decor! 

Watch the Cherry Blossom Pageant

The Little Mr. and Miss Cherry Blossom Pageant is an annual event that crowns young contestants as Cherry Blossom Royalty.

This pageant features a talent portion and is a great show for all ages.

All of the winners become Cherry Blossom Royalty and get the chance to oversee the annual cherry blossom festivities.

Catch the Cherry Blossom Organ Concert Series

The Cherry Blossom Organ Concert Series (719 Mulberry Street) takes place multiple times each day throughout the festival at Mulberry Street United Methodist Church.

See the beautiful architecture of the cathedral while listening to classical music from the organ.

Each concert is only thirty minutes long and is free of charge to the general public.

Cherry blossoms in spring

Watch the Cherry Blossom Fashion Show

The Cherry Blossom Fashion Show (310 Cherry Street) features local fashion from Macon’s local boutiques and designers.

Eat hors d’oeuvres and see the latest offerings from all of the local fashion artists.

The fashion show features a live DJ, and every design is available to purchase locally.

Visit Ocmulgee Mounds National Historic Park for a Lantern Light Tour

After enjoying the sight of white and pink blooms in Macon, you can head to Ocmulgee Mounds National Historic Park (1207 Emery Hwy) for lantern-lit walking tours.

Experience the 12,000 years of natural history in the area including a visit to Temple Mound and learn the history of indigenous peoples in the Macon area.

See the beautiful lantern lights while you hike through this one-hour guided outdoor tour. 

Compete in the Cherry Blossom Golf Tournament

If you’re looking for something different to do during your visit to Macon during the Sakura season, the Cherry Blossom Golf Tournament at Bowden Golf Course (3111 Millerfield Rd) is an annual competition on the links.

The tournament will feature two teams and will be played in the best ball format.

Bowden Golf Course was recently renovated and is a pleasant activity after enjoying the blooms in the city.

White cherry blossom blooms

Participate in the Cherry Blossom Festival Road Race Run/Walk

The Cherry Blossom Festival Road Race (6400 Forsyth Rd) offers a different pace to enjoying the Sakura in Macon!

Participants of all skill levels can take part in the race, which offers both a 5k and a half marathon challenge. 

It aims to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House Charity.

This annual event is an excellent opportunity to stay active while taking in the views of the cherry blossoms adorning the streets of Macon.

Take an Eating and Drinking Tour Down the Pink Provisions Trail

The Pink Provisions Trail is a bar and restaurant crawl located in the downtown area, organized by Visit Macon that shows visitors all of the pink things they can eat and drink during the festival.

Over three dozen places are on the trail, so you are sure to find a pink drink or bite to eat that is perfect for you.

Pink edible items include pizza, ice cream, cocktails, and beer.

Try as many of the restaurants and bars as you can during the ten-day festival.

Pink Pancake Breakfast

The Pink Pancake Breakfast (Luther Williams Field on Willie Smomkie Glover Drive) is an annual tradition hosted by the Macon-Bibb Fire Department and Macon Bacon.

The pancake breakfast features all-you-can-eat pink pancakes, sausage, bacon, and beverages served by local firefighters.

All the proceeds from the pink pancake breakfast are donated to the American Cancer Society.

Eat a Pink Pizza at Fatty’s Pizzeria

Fatty’s Pizza (344 2nd St) celebrates the blooming of the cherry blossoms with a signature pink pizza.

The pink pizza features a bright pink sauce and Fatty’s signature extra cheesy toppings.

Enjoy your pink pizza in either of Fatty’s Macon locations or take it on the go for a cherry blossom picnic in the park. 

Try Local Food Trucks at the Cherry Blossom Food Truck Frenzy

The Food Truck Frenzy (Third St) is the perfect opportunity to explore local cuisine from around the Macon area.

During the Cherry Blossom Festival, many of the trucks serve dishes that feature local Macon cherries.

Find a New Local Favorite at the Cherry Market

The Cherry Market is a vendor fair only available during the festival.

Local artisans, craftsmen, and farmers sell their crafts and gifts.

This is the best place to find locally handmade gifts and treats featuring local Macon cherries.

Vote for the Best Pink Drink at Drink the Pink

Drink the Pink is a competition hosted by Visit Macon that looks to crown the tastiest pink drink.

Dozens of pink drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic are entered into the competition.

Visitors can try every option and vote on which pink drink is the best.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide has provided valuable insights into the diverse ways and locations to experience the beauty of cherry blossom trees in Macon. 

Have you visited the city during the cherry blossom season? 

We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

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