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Hey! We’re a team of writers who love the Eastern Seaboard States.

Meet the writers

Amanda (Owner)

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Amanda went to college in Virginia and then started her professional life in Washington, DC. Some of her favorite destinations include Acadia National Park, Boston, Cape Cod, Western Mass, the Finger Lakes, DC, and Virginia wine country. She has called multiple countries “home”, but now travels the East Coast full-time.

Gemma (Owner)

Tourism digital marketer who lives for her annual trips to the US! From Broadway shows to theme parks, fall road trips to coastal getaways; Gemma is a compulsive organizer who is always planning her next trip.


Candace is a writer born and raised in southeastern North Carolina. She loves camping, traveling, history, and writing.


Craig is a freelance writer who has traveled around the East Coast his whole life, visiting a New Jersey beach town every summer and a different spot in the Poconos nearly every fall. When he isn’t traveling, Craig spends his time at home in the Philadelphia area with his wife and kids.


Jess is a freelance writer who was raised on the North Shore of Massachusetts. They’ve traveled throughout New England, but they really love to explore the mountains and the shorelines of the East Coast!


Luke is a former geography student from South Dakota, who has travel experiences in New York, Washington DC, Roanoke, and various places in Florida. He is a hiker and enjoys everything outdoors and related to state parks.


Nicole is a freelance writer and loves everything from quaint seaside towns to big shiny cities. She is a New Yorker at heart but grew up in Delaware.


As a certified professional life coach, seasoned author, and passionate entrepreneur, Rene has roots that stretch from the captivating landscapes of California to the picturesque charm of Pennsylvania, and from the warm shores of Florida to the enchanting allure of her home state of North Carolina.


Shannon is a writer who grew up in Florida and loves to explore the outdoors and her state’s vibrant underwater world. With a passion for traveling and adventure, she adores finding hidden gems all over the East Coast and writing about them!


Travis is a freelance writer who loves to explore the unique offerings of the East Coast. From the history-laden cities of New England to the bustling art scenes of Atlanta and Raleigh, he loves everything the East Coast has to offer.

Guest writers


Athena is a freelance writer who frequently travels with her family throughout New England. She grew up in Connecticut and has significant ties through family with Florida and Colorado.


Haley Walters is a writer and avid traveler based in the Southeast. She has written about regional news and history in the South for five years.


Kevin is a born and raised Chicagoan who has traveled to 43 states and 22 countries (and counting). His work in the entertainment industry has taken him up and down the East Coast. He now lives in Atlanta with his wife Alaina.


Lilly is an avid hiker, camper, history buff and small town enthusiast. She adores her home state of Maine and discovering New England’s beauty and charm.


Sarah loves finding underrated cities in the US and exploring all the historical sites and towns the East Coast has to offer.


Shipra is a Dubaian who graduated from Harvard University majoring in Marketing Management.